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We believe technology should be beautiful, natural and sustainable.


The feeling that you get when listening to your favorite music, holding an intricately woven fabric in your hands or seeing a work of art for the first time can hardly be expressed in words. And yet, this sense of wonder, amazement and enjoyment vibrates to the very core of our being. It speaks directly to who we are. We use technology throughout our daily life including work and play. The objects and experiences which occupy our lives must reflect the best aspects of ourselves, and serve as a constant reminder that life in all its forms is beautiful.


From the invention of the computer to the development of smartphones, there have been committed groups of people who have insisted that technology conform itself to our human nature. Thanks to their tireless efforts, our experience with digital technology moved beyond an ominous room full of dials and switches to a device that we can hold in our hand and simply touch to see today’s weather. This same digital technology has woven itself into our lives in ways we had not predicted. Constant notifications from devices pester and distract us. Frequent interactions with PCs and smartphones keep us from the deep thinking that is so vital for finding unity within diversity and solving the large problems which confront us. The technology we use changes the way we think and behave as people. To preserve our humanity, we must create more natural technology which enhances and extends our existing human traits.


The sheer amount of waste created by technology also threatens our survival. In fact, electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world right now. To end eWaste, we have to go to the source and change the way technology is made. There’s little chance of radically changing the manufacturing, production, and recycling processes for PCs and smartphones which are already being used by millions of people. We must build a new technology platform and make it sustainable right from the start. To create more natural technology, we need to take a step forward, actually a giant leap.

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